Generating Textual Summaries of Clinical Temporal Data
About BabyTalk
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Welcome to the homepage of the BabyTalk Project

BabyTalk is investigating ways of summarising and presenting patient information to medical professionals and family members. Our focus is on data in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

This involves the use of Intelligent Signal Processing to analyse and interpret the available information about the patient, and Natural Language Generation techniques to generate coherent, readable summaries of this information in English.

Our ultimate aim is to use this technology to provide decision support to medical professionals, who base treatment on large amounts of information. Summaries will also help to keep family members informed about the condition of their baby.

You can find a more detailed introduction to the project here.

University of Aberdeen
Dept. of Computing Science

University of Edinburgh
School of Health in Social Science
Dept. of Child Life and Health
Human Cognitive Neuroscience

NHS Lothian

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh